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I'm based in Hertfordshire in the UK in a small village with a local post office where I ship from and craft stores at nearby towns and cities where I source my fabrics and accessories. I also buy my resources online but I prefer to buy them in person so I can make sure they are the best possible quality so when I make my crafts I can be assured that you are getting the best quality too.





I take payment before I start a project so that I can be assured that any money spent on materials, time or packaging has been secured.


 I say this only as in the past I have had commissioners that were to pay after completion and then offhandedly said that they no longer wanted the item, or they didn't have the money anymore so they now couldn’t afford it, which of course leaves me out of pocket and having to spend more replenishing my resources that had been used up on those orders.


Now to protect my crafts and my finances I take payment up front so you can be sure I will get the work done and I can be sure that I am being paid for my crafts and artwork and all the time and effort I put into my works, I am a disabled person and my artwork & craftwork is important to me not only as a source of income but also to create something unique that the commissioner will treasure.





 All of my artwork and craftwork is made by myself, I receive no outside help (other than my mum sometimes dropping off a parcel to the post office!) Like any other creative person I do sometimes go through bouts of Artblock or Creativeblock and it takes me some time to shift out of it.


 Whether it be hours or weeks, my own personal issues with my physical and mental health also attribute into these issues sometimes so I always give a large range of time to complete a project and will let you know if I will finish it sooner or later than the allotted time I have given myself, I mostly aim for sooner if possible!


These also factor in any waiting times I have for other commissioners and any time needed for printers to get prints done, or time for me to get materials and resources.





All of my works are made in the UK and I ship to MOST places in the world based on where Royal Mail ships to.


As I ship with Royal Mail prices shipping prices are obviously cheaper in the UK (mainland) than International shipping, I don't currently ship with tracking as it has to be discussed at the post office but if it is something you would like to request feel free to ask and I can get in contact with them and get a quote for tracked shipping for you! :)


UK shipping is currently £5 and International shipping is £10, this covers the P&P costs.






All of my products are hand made and the materials I make my plushies with are all brands that I trust to make high quality materials.


My threads are all 100% cotton made by Gutermann, sometimes I will use own brand invisible threads from places like Dunelm Mill.


My fabrics are acrylic felt by The Craft Factory, these fabrics come in set colours so sometimes a shade will be a touch darker or a touch lighter than an exact match but I will always try to match the colour to the original colour as close as possible.


The buttons I use are produced Hemline and The Craft Factory, these come in a variety of sizes and shades.


My beads are produced by The Craft Factory, I usually use a range of 3 - 5mm pearl beads or a variety of different coloured seed beads.






All data shared is PRIVATE which is why I only take payments through PayPal and the shipping labels are printed from my own template only ONCE, then the information is removed so no data has been stored other than a receipt of payment on my PayPal statement.


Royal Mail receipts are kept until I have been informed that the parcel has arrived at its destination then the receipt is shredded via shredder and recycled.




If you have any questions that I haven't covered in this info section, please feel free to contact me through any of the methods on the Contact page!


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