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Jewellery Gallery!

Jewellery Sets come in 3 sizes, Small, Medium and Large with varying bead count between each of the sizes. When contacting me for a commission please specify what size you would like as Small is 16 beads, Medium is 20 beads and Large is 24 beads (Spacers and Charms depending).


The Cabochon Necklaces can be any picture of an item, a family member, yourself, a fictional character etc. Chains come in 2 lengths Short and Long, Short is 30cm end to end (15cm hang) and Long is 60cm end to end (30cm hang).


Chains are plated sterling silver and beads are crushed glass, the jewellery is durable but it is also breakable like any other jewellery! So be nice to your jewellery and it'll look fabulous for you!


Please make sure to specify sizes and colours when commissioning, the sizes are listed here to give you a better idea of what to ask for when you commission!


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