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Kathleen Waller


" The best birthday gift I could have ever received, he is so well made and so comforting.


 He sleeps beside me as if he was really there.


Akma is talented and a delight to do business with. "

Michelle Savage


" I love Aka's plushies and designs, she pays great attention to detail and I have recommended her commissions to family and friends.


 I'll be definitely asking for more characters, its hard to choose a favourite out of all the ones she has made for me but I do love my mega Bear Jew one! "


Aaliyah Lloyd


" I commissioned @RedYellowGreen0 to make me a Kanye plush and she did an amazing job!~ I love it <3 C: "


" ... it's like you put love into the plushies and it spreads nothing but good vibes ... "

Ingrid Savage


" I received a Freddie Mercury as a gift from my daughter, he's absolutely adorable!


I love how Akma has added the little things like Freddie's bracelet and even his moustache is perfect!


I would definitely ask her to make more plushies in future! "



Stacy Pribyl


" I love love love my Syndrome plush.


Perfect for snuggling!


I was so sad that I couldn't find one anywhere then I found Akma on DeviantArt and couldn't be happier!


She made his hair perfect and even added the subtle blue on the inside of his cape.


I definitely plan on ordering more from her in the future. "

Raheela Saleem


" The Jewellery set is well made, durable and fashionable. "



Jimmy Ray Bennett


" @redyellowgreen0


Do we look alike?




Floyd is getting a real kick out of Hollywood


#gtav "

Sarah Howard


" I've ordered plushies from Akma before but my absolute favourite is the Loki that I received for Christmas.


I love the detail and the fact that you won't find another one exactly alike.


He is completely adorable and has pride of place with my Funko collection. "



Kirsty Tomsett


" I would like it to say that I absolutely love it so I brought 2 more sets for my daughters and 1 of them was made smaller than the rest so it fitted my youngest."

If you have any words to give about my work, any feedback is welcome and if you have any testimonials with photos they can be showcased on my testimonial page to share the love!


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